Better Living By Design

It’s not only about where you live, it’s also about how you live. That’s why Hi-Rise residental and commercial propertes are always strategically located close to transit in order to reduce commute tmes and produce lower carbon emissions. We also endeavour to use local suppliers throughout our constructon process to help reduce our carbon footprint. Hi-Rise building designs incorporate sustainable, planet-friendly materials wherever possible; our propertes are energy efficient in order to be environmentally friendly while reducing end-user costs.

Our Vision and Values

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Established in 1979, Hi-Rise is a fully integrated development and construction company. Our first project involved building 678 apartment suites in North York; this was quickly followed with a 1,110 apartment suite project in Brampton that included four towers, a large recreation centre and parking for 2,000 cars. Since then, the company’s Principals have designed, financed, marketed and constructed thousands of apartment suites.

Initially, Hi-Rise functioned as a merchant builder in that we sold most of the projects we developed and built. This enabled us to maintain an excellent quick asset to quick liability ratio, allowing us to bond our projects. It was this ability to bond contracts which helped Hi-Rise access the social housing market where we built extensively for the Ministry of Housing, various Co-Op Groups and for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Through these involvements, Hi-Rise gained extensive experience in dealing with government agencies. Hi-Rise was also one of the first Canadian companies to build a “turnkey” hotel/convention centre for The People’s Republic of China.

To date, Hi-Rise has developed, built and continues to hold a number of properties including the Baywood Shopping Center and Medical Arts Building in Ajax, Ontario; the Industry Canada building in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and the OPP Regional Detachment in Primrose, Ontario. Hi-Rise also developed, built, financed and maintained ownership of the 300,000sf Federal Office Building in Hamilton, Ontario until 2008, when Public Works and Government Services Canada elected to exercise its option to purchase the building for $72M.